Akademi Magazine is an independent India-based collective of writers, designers, artists and thinkers who have come together at a time when the freedom of the press, and of the arts, has never been more of an urgent concern. Akademi aspires to be a place for imaginative, critical and unconventional stories, art and thought experiments, with a mission to always put our contributors first. We want to be a safe space for things that might not be easily able to find a home elsewhere. We recognise and want to address this as an acute need of our present political and social moment.   


Our print magazine is due to release later this year and will feature in-depth long-form articles, photo essays, and short critical commentary pieces, all dedicated to exploring the different facets of philosophy, politics, society, and culture. Each thematic issue aspires to make contributions to the public discourse and look more deeply into unplumbed questions and unexamined assumptions of contemporary issues. The central tenet of the publishing, editorial, and artistic practice that Akademi embodies is the necessity of linking theory and practice together in revealing and mutually critical ways by engaging in a mode of enquiry that intertwines facts and figures with progressive norms and ideals.

Our wager is that with more such visible publications that are openly committed to progressive counter projects and movements, it is conceivable that we can succeed in diluting the thrall of uncritical politics in India and elsewhere. As a bi-annual magazine, we will not always be covering events in real-time. This is not journalism – not in the least. We’ll be relying heavily on the journalistic endeavours of other publications. We don’t aim to replace news sites, but rather to be a place of reflection and critical engagement at a much slower pace than the news cycle.

Pitch to us

Akademi is now accepting pitches from writers for our online-only section. Essays, criticism, and interview submissions may be sent to contact@akademimag.com. Please include a full pitch describing the piece in the body of the email, even if you have a draft already written. The articles we publish on our website will be at least 1,000 words. We will try our best to respond to all inquiries, but might not be able to due to a large volume of mails.

If your draft needs to be considered within a week, please include “[urgent]” in the subject heading. Please note that we currently do not accept poetry, fiction or excessively academic (sorry!) submissions, we’ll largely be publishing nonfiction stories on politics, culture, arts, and society. All contributions to Akademi are paid.

Work with us

Akademi Mag is seeking experienced editors to join its digital and print operations. This is an exciting opportunity to join a methodical team dedicated to publishing commentary, critique and long-form analysis of current events. The job will involve editing pieces, generating story ideas, and assisting with other publication-related tasks. This is a remote and part-time opportunity.


  • Collaborate with experts, other editors, and writers to generate ideas for articles, and follow through on commissioning pieces

  • Work collegially with other editors, copy editors, fact checkers, graphic designers, and social media personnel on a variety of tasks

  • Evaluate open-call submissions as and when possible

  • Confer with writers regarding changes in content, style, or organization


  • At least three years of professional editorial experience with a print or web publication.

  • Exceptional writing and editing skills

  • A strong understanding of and a passion for progressive politics

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your resume and cover letter to hello@akademimag.com, and we will review your application as soon as possible. Due to a high volume of applications, we might only be able to respond to shortlisted candidates. We strongly encourage candidates from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.