Guruswamy and Katju, Your Rainbow Doesn't Hide Your Casteism

There are a lot of structural reasons why Guruswamy and Katju get to present themselves as leaders of this movement, and in doing so, tap into exactly the structural violence through which Section 377 has come to be represented. 

Akhil Kang and Vqueeram Aditya Sahai

September 24, 2020

Violence and Hindutva's Norms of Masculinity

It has become more critical than ever to unearth the basis of this relationship between Hindu-fundamentalism, violence, and masculinity.

Charu Pragya

Understanding Homonationalism and Pinkwashing

An organization like Kashmiri Youth Movement, which adulates Sarvarkar and is a vocal supporter of right-wing fascism, insistently trying to be seen as acting at the behest of LGBTQ+ interests might seem contradictory to those who of us who see queerness as being inherently oppositional to an oppressive nation-state.

Charu Pragya

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