The Cost of Cleanliness

Dr. Ambedkar had argued that the division of labour in India is accompanied by graded inequality and occupational immobility. Historically, lower-castes and especially untouchable communities have been forced to engage in dehumanising work.

Pradeep Salve


December 08, 2020

The Farmer Protests and the Importance of Mandis

By passing the three new agriculture-related laws in September, the Centre has enacted its vision of an agricultural sector tending to the economic interests of large corporates, and the erosion of the mandi system, which is India’s primary agricultural marketing infrastructure.

Shivani Gupta


December 11, 2020

Sex Work Under The Colonial Raj: Calcutta

Major designated sex trade zones exist only in Delhi, West Bengal and Maharashtra. There are specific historical reasons behind the rise of both brothels and red-light areas in these cities

Nihira Ram


September 17, 2020

The Women, The System, The Struggle: The Story of ASHA Workers

Between 7 to 9 August this year, over 600,000 ASHAs went on a strike alongside other trade unions in India. They demanded better pay, medical protection, regular COVID-19 testing, and the status of government employees

Saumya Kalia


September 13, 2020

Invisible Labour

Migrant workers were rendered vulnerable in the cities they built with their own hands. Unwelcome and uncared for, a majority of them decided to return to their homes by any means possible.

Haseeba Sayyed and Preeksha Malhotra


February 01, 2021