Dalit Lives Matter

The number of atrocities committed against Dalits across the country during the year 2017 has gone up, according to the latest NCRB data.

Nihira Ram and Shreyya Rajagopal

July 20, 2020

Bans, Boycotts and Borders

India has announced three rounds of app bans in response to skirmishes on its border with China. While China is yet to respond with any economic sanctions, tensions are escalating and it is fair to assume that these are impending.

Dev Lewis

September 04, 2020

Felt Delhi Was No Longer My City

Ayush Tiwari won praise for his coverage of the violence that broke out in Northeast Delhi in late February, but it was this assignment that altered his relationship with Delhi and its people.

Abhimanyu Hazarika

September 10, 2020

It Means I Have Been Arrested

Umar Khalid was arrested on 13th September. He was arrested for his alleged involvement in a conspiracy to incite the violence that broke out in Northeast Delhi in February 2020.

Editorial Team

September 17, 2020

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